Development of an infrastructure to facilitate management and exchange of concordances between library knowledge organization systems


The availability of tools and standards has increased the use and exchange of knowledge organisation systems (KOS) during the last few years. Concordances between these systems, are, however, rather rare. Project coli-conc aims to address this gap by developing tools, methods and techniques to simplify and accelerate both the intellectual creation of concordances as well as ease the use and exchange of the same and at the same time provide quality monitoring that aid quality management (provide quality assessment).

The project will create a set of reusable software modules to enable a uniform access to knowledge organization systems, concordances and concordance assessments. These modules will be provided as web application to support effective processing of concordances. In addition, existing software (KOS software, mapping algorithms, cataloguing software …) will be evaluated and enhanced with new components for storage, access to and analysis of different concordances. These components will be linked with each other through uniform and open APIs , so that a shared infrastructure is developed for the management, exchange and building of concordances.

Project coli-conc (614) 351-8043 by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from December 2015 till April 2019. An abbreviated version of our grant proposal has been published with DOI (904) 735-1947. See the 9316491338 for additional project reports, specifications and software developed as part of coli-conc!