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    You have seen the personal injury law firm commercials, "If you or someone you love has been injured," but may never have dreamed tragedy would strike you.

    When tragedy does strike, the pain, suffering, and loss can be overwhelming...

    It can feel as if no one understands, your calls for justice are being ignored, or nobody cares how deeply you have been wronged...


    ...the consumer protection attorneys with LawsuitLegal.com not only understand, but are committed to ensuring you get the full support the law provides.

    In fact, we guarantee to always have your best legal interests in mind...

    We accept clients nationwide, and our lawyers are standing-by to fight your lawsuit claim and ensure you receive fair treatment and legal protection...

    The best attorneys know, it takes more than just knowledge of the law to reach professional excellence. Trust, integrity, and commitment are more than just words we toss about, they are the principles that guide our decision making.

    Our guarantee to you, regardless of the legal merits of the case details you provide, is that you will receive the respect and fair treatment you deserve.

    We are in the business of more than just compensation, winning verdicts and settlements, we are here to serve and protect, this is our commitment to you.

    If you would like to know if you have a case that can win --- get your free legal review today!


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    Get more information regarding product recalls, open class actions, mass tort investigations and important consumer safety alerts issued by FDA and other authorities...

    accidents and injury claims

    Accident Injuries

    Auto, semi-truck, airplane crash, railroad accidents, oil rig disaster and other accident injuries. Every year, millions of people are injured, get legal help now, to ensure...

    employment and job related claims

    Employment Law

    Unfair termination, violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, workers comp, social security / disability denial, we can help...

    false claims act lawsuits


    Qui tam representation for false claims act whistlelbowers. Healthcare fraud claims, legal protections and 10% to 30% relator bounties, learn more here.


    Defective Drugs

    Defective drug & medical device litigation. Latest information on high-risk pharmaceuticals, patient advocacy, side effects and how to take legal action for patients injured by unsafe products...


    (831) 274-5945

    Wrongful foreclosure, filing bankruptcy, debt collection & IRS representation. Learn what legal protections attorneys can provide and how they can make a difference in your case...

    It's Time Justice Was On Your Side...

    bad drug legal claims

    Blood thinner medication Xarelto facing a number of lawsuits over uncontrollable bleeding. Liability litigation claims nationwide have been centralized in New Orleans MDL. Find out if you qualify to file a claim today...

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    hernia mesh lawsuits

    Female attorneys are standing by, ready to provide you a confidential, secure legal review if you have suffered complications after surgical mesh implant surgery. Act now, time is limited to file a lawsuit...

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    how to stop foreclosure in texas

    Homeowners in Texas are fighting back to defend their homes and stop bank forelosure. Learn the strategies local attorneys are using to help residents stop it, in this non-judicial state...

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    qui tam lawsuits

    Qui Tam lawsuits are earning whistleblower relators 15-30% of fraud recovery by coming forward... Learn how to recognize common healthcare fraud schemes and what medicare abuse looks like here...

    head injury cases

    Suffering a headache after a car accident? It may be more serious than you think... There is growing awareness for invisible head injuries, whiplash and concussions, learn to recognize the signs to watch for here...

    Learn More...

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